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What is it?

timeline is a script that inputs a source file and transforms it in a graphic timeline in many formats (html, ps, png, etc). Only html is implemented by now. You can visit the Example link above to see a example file and the graphic generated from it.

It is avaliable for any operating system that Ruby is avaliable for. This includes Windows, Linux, MacOS X, and many others. timeline is distributed through the MIT license (this means you can do anything you want with this software for free).

Two things are very important to consider before you attempt to use this software:

IMPORTANT 1: This is ALPHA software. This means it is far from complete, it's bug prone it and it might not behave the way it was supposed to. You have been warned. (only the html parsing has been implemented by now)

IMPORTANT 2: You can run this software in any operating system. But you must have Ruby installed!

The syntax of the source file for timeline is avaliable on the above link Documentation. You can also see an example file and its result on the above link Example.


Let's say you created a file called To parse it into a html file called timeline.html, you would do like this:

ruby timeline -m html > timeline.html